Welcome to my home page

Hi! I am Kashyap R Puranik, and I am a Staff Software Engineer at Google, Mountain View, in the Spam and Abuse team. I have also worked at Google Bangalore, after graduating from the Computer Science Department at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras. I have also taken up Computer Science courses from Stanford University under the SCPD program.

My hometown is the city of Bangalore, in South India and my mother tongue is Kannada. I got my bachelor's degree at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras [2011].

Currently, I work on fighting spam in Gmail. I have worked on other Google products before. I joined this team after working for 2 years on a project called Map Maker where again, my work involved fighting abuse.

As a student, I loved problem solving and I generally picked up and solved algorithmic problems at SPOJ. I also liked web-operations work and I was involved in the construction of several college websites. As a KDE/Plasma developer, I worked on a GSOC project in Kalzium under the organisation KDE in the summer 2009. I interned in Google Bangalore in the Summer of 2010 in the Google News team. I have a technical blog where I post my tech exploits. My interests lie in the field of Artificial Inteligence and Machine Learning. Some of my work is on the same and most of the advanced courses I have completed are also from AI.

Apart from work and academics, I enjoy listening to Indian music. My hobbies include playing the keyboard, I have a Yamaha PSR S500 keyboard and I have uploaded a few videos on YouTube. I am a nature lover and a vegan.